Rolling Hills Park in Allen Texas

In an effort to create a new park in Allen, the city has started a construction project that could begin as soon as June 1. Construction on the park could begin as soon as June 1, and it is expected to be completed in about 12 months. Before construction begins, however, the city will want to get some bids from contractors. To do so, bidders must refer to the plans and Attachment A to identify the locations of the various park elements, such as a playground, pavilion, arbor, fencing, parking, landscaping, and hardscape.

If you’re looking for a small park in Allen, Texas, Rolling Hills Park is an excellent place to go with your family. The 0.3-acre park is well-suited for kids and is surrounded by houses on three sides and an alley on the other. There’s also a playground, water fountain, benches, and a newly-renovated drainage canal. These amenities have helped make this park one of the most popular parks in Allen.