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We are a professional sod and lawn installation company with localized landscaping, management, and care experience. We take pride in the quality of our work by understanding your yard needs. We only use the best sod and seeding supplies to create high-quality, gorgeous grass sod installations which will keep your yard healthy and look beautiful. 

Our experienced specialists are constantly studying and training with the latest methods, outdoor courses, and research from prominent authorities in the landscaping sector to provide the best services and answer all your inquiries in a timely manner.  We have provided sod for many happy customers and continue to do so throughout the DFW area.

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Sod Installation Process

It starts with choosing the perfect sod. Sod is already-grown grass that is ready to use as a lawn. It comes in the form of rolls with roots and a light covering of dirt on top. Lay it out, water it in, and have a great lawn!

Sod installation is a great way to achieve a beautiful, green lawn quickly and easily. Sod is pre-grown grass that is cut into large rolls or strips, and it can be installed on any size lawn. The benefits of sod installation include a reduction in soil erosion, as well as improved water retention and nutrient uptake. In addition, sod installation is much less labor-intensive than seeding a new lawn, and it can be done at any time of year. If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to achieve a beautiful lawn, sod installation is the perfect solution.

Grass sod installation is a process by which grass and other plants are grown on top of existing soil. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including to improve the appearance of a lawn, to add extra protection against erosion, or to provide a more hospitable environment for plants. The first step in sod installation is to clear away any existing vegetation, rocks, or other debris. Next, the soil is loosened and leveled so that it is ready to receive the new sod. Once the sod has been laid down, it is important to water it regularly so that the roots can take hold. With proper care, a new sod installation can quickly transform an area of land into a healthy and prosperous lawn.

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There are many factors to consider before choosing which sod you want for your yard. First, you need to make sure you choose sod that is pH friendly as it can determine whether or not your grass requires a balancing agent like lime. Second, you must consider the amount of sunlight your lawn gets and if it doesn’t get quite enough during the day then you may want to consider a type of grass that flourishes in low-light environments such as shade-tolerant grasses, when looking at all your options.

Sod will root in about two weeks, but this can vary depending on the weather. The sod should be watered every day for 10-12 days after it has been laid down. It should also be kept moist with a sprinkle of water throughout the day for the first week to help it establish its root system. The goal here is not to get it completely soaked with water, but rather to keep it moist and to help foster its root system. One will want to carefully ensure that the sod doesn’t dry out in the first week by continually spraying a mist of water throughout the day until it gets established.

You can lay sod during any time of the year but it is most common to do so in spring or fall. Cool temperatures and occasional rains help the grass grow quickly

Watering your lawn during the morning tends to be most efficient and effective due to lower wind speeds and thus less water is lost by evaporation. Watering in the evening can lead to diseased or fungus growth due to possible remaining moisture on the grass as it cools down.

When the grass turns this color, it means it’s likely still alive and will begin to green up when extra water is added to the lawn. This green-up period may last between one and three weeks. New sod is not normally at risk of dying because newly laid sod is often hydrated for about a week before it’s actually laid on a surface, meaning that it will gradually become more accustomed to its new environment over time until it no longer needs direct irrigation from a specific source.

Benefits of Sod Installation

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One of the first things visitors notice about our houses is their lawns. A lush and attractive lawn may boost curb appeal and raise the value of your house. It can also serve as a lovely retreat for you and your loved ones.

  • Flexibility– As long as high heat is absent, you may put sod at any time throughout the typical growing season.
  • Lawns will appear brighter and more alive following the initial sod installation.
  • Creates Root Systems Quickly. Roots develop in as little as 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Immediately improves erosion issues– Immediately after its placement, the new grass will help prevent and reduce erosion.
  • Sod prevents the proliferation of weeds by blocking weed seedlings.
  • Quick Use– Once the sod has taken root, regular foot movement, including dogs and entertaining visitors, is permitted. It only takes a few weeks.
  • Sod installation necessitates experienced handling and accuracy. Speak with your reliable sod installers for the best service.

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Trust our installation experts to provide quality service at all times. Read what our clients have to say about our Sod installation service.

I’ve been a Sod Installation customer for years and have always received high-quality service. This company provides the best quality installation for the best price. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great sod installation.
Paul Patterson
This team is great! They do really good work, the best in the area. We had them install our lawn a couple of months ago and couldn’t be happier with their service. The installation was quick and hassle-free for us, which is why we will go back to them for any other needs we have.
Janice Owens

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Our artisans work with Bluestone, Flagstone, and Fieldstone. No job is too big or too small for us! We are capable of undertaking any masonry or paving project to any scale or specification desired. Our masonry pros can be reached during business hours to answer any questions.

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The Sod installation crew has designed and installed paver walkways, paver patios, paver driveways, and retaining walls. We are proud to be trustworthy, reliable, and loyal to our consumers. When it comes to assembling the best team, we are the apparent option.


Our materials absorb more water into the soil, allowing for the growth of plants and reducing soil erosion. With our Environmental choices, your yard may benefit the environment while still looking lovely.

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