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Are you looking for the perfect addition to your home? Our Teams work hand in hand with you to create personalized hardscaping designs that you and your loved ones can enjoy season after season. We work with only the best materials and use state-of-the-art design tools to keep your home looking fresh and exciting.

Besides adding value to your home, hardscape work is the quickest way to turn your home into a private getaway. “Hardscaped” refers to rigid structures, such as benches, fences, or outdoor kitchens. Adding hardscaping and masonry components to your house has several advantages.

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Hardscaping Process

The actual construction process is part of the construction phase. Most designers will subcontract the task to a home hardscape contracting business. Sometimes a single contractor may execute the entire project, while other times, many companies will be engaged.

During this phase, the designer and builder will collaborate closely to bring the design plan produced in the previous stage to reality. After testing and polishing, your yard will become a location ideal for you to enjoy with family and friends once the construction is over.

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Hardscape is a term for the non-living parts of your garden. It’s composed of hard materials like bricks and stones.. Hardscape adds to the beauty of any piece of land and can be used in conjunction with softer “greenscape” elements such as flowers, plants and trees to form an attractive landscape on par with some landscaped gardens. Other examples include retaining walls, pavers for paths or patios, outdoor kitchens, water features, gazebos, decks, and driveways.

Think of hardscapes as outdoor rooms or patios, landscaped walkways, sitting walls, retaining walls, water features, fire pits and more. Consider your own yard; it’s just like much of our existing homes to fulfill the areas needed for a functional interior space.

Hardscape elements are non-living things like bricks, rocks and cement. Softscape elements are living things like grasses, flowers and ground covers. They’re important when designing outdoor areas because of their differences.

Landscaping is focused on adding plants or other items to a space that create curb appeal and a beautiful living surround. Hardscaping surrounds the house or area with things like concrete walkways, patios, decks, stone walls, fire pits and stone grills. Hardscaping is about creating permanent structures and landscaping is more fluid.

Yes, all patios are considered hardscaping. Any non-living structual item meant to improve your property is most likely considered hardscape.

More Information About our Hardscaping Company

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Using our cutting-edge 3D CAD tools, our design team will meticulously walk you through the hardscaping masonry design. The technology allows you to see your design first before laying the first piece of stone or brick.  You will have a part in making the ideal hardscaping masonry model for your property.

Here are some benefits of adding hardscaping and masonry components to your house:

  • Adds your particular style to your landscape
  • Provides functional outdoor areas
  • Provides practical outdoor entertainment areas
  • Increases property values
  • Adds curb appeal to your property, making it stand out.
  • Increases the square footage of your property
  • It saves you money by providing you with a personal space to enjoy just outside your door.

What People are Saying

Take a look at what our satisfied customers are saying about our hardscaping services and make sure to search for “hardscaping near me” to find our reviews!.

I was looking for a hardscaping company in the area that would be able to turn my vision into reality and I found this awesome team. After meeting with them I knew this was the right choice and they have exceeded my expectations since day one. They are not only creative but are always there when I need them. Their prices are also very fair. This company is amazing!
Jerry Stevenson
These guys are the best patio designer. I’ve used other companies in the past, but they just don’t measure up. They have done my patio and front walkway with pavers and I am so happy. They offer a variety of different styles, which can be customized to the exact color or look you want. There’s no one better than them for your next hardscaping project at your home!
Coral James
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Here’s how to design a hardscaped area

  • Get inspiration for your purpose, desired features, and aesthetic (internet, books, magazines)
  • Fill out a design questionnaire.
  • Make a budget.
  • Meet with potential designers and contractors.CH
  • Check out some front yard hardscaping ideas.
  • Select a professional.
  • Having a meeting for planning and site evaluation
  • Holding a meeting to examine the plan.
  • Approval of the final plan.

Why Work With Us?

The Best Services and Products

We only utilize the best materials in the industry, including Unilock’s top-notch products. The top designers and manufacturers provide the highest quality materials used by our Unilock installers. We are very particular about the types of material we use for your home. Only the best and most durable products are used. We treat your home as if it were ours.

Team of Experts

Our company is privileged in having a friendly workforce that responds quickly to any concerns. Outdoor patios, paver walkways, paver driveways, fire pits, and retaining walls are products of our hardscape crew. We are proud of our reputation for professionalism and quality and for being trustworthy, reliable, and devoted to our customers.


We supply paver installers that construct pavers contributing to environmental conservation and preservation. Our pavers direct more water into the soil, allowing plants to thrive and reduce soil erosion. Your hardscape can help the environment while still appearing beautiful with our Environmental options.

We Are Continuously Learning New Things

Our staff remains current on new products and installation processes with education seminars, field sessions, and research. Our team also collaborates with and gains from other industry experts. All of our specialists are devoted and well-trained. If you are not entirely pleased with our work, we will return to fix it right!

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