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    Landscaping, Richardson TX

    Looking for the Best Landscaping Services near you? – Call Us now

    Landscaping is important for an elegant lawn, garden, and backyard. We at Richardson landscaper company provide you the best services at the most affordable costs. Do you always wish to see your guests in awe when they look at your garden or the front yard of your house? We help you fulfill thy dream with our highly professional landscaping design experts who are experts in their field having more than a decade’s experience. All our employees have more than 10 years of experience and have an exquisite taste in flora and fauna. Our goal is to help you get rid of weeds; plant beautiful flowers, and ornamental plants that give your home a refreshing feel. It will soothe your eyes when you look out through the window holding a cup of tea. We also take care of your lawn’s drainage needs as often heavy rains can cause water logging can cause premature death of the plants due.

    highly affordable landscaping services In RICHARDSON

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    So, What Do We Offer?

    We provide multiple services such as soft installations, hardscapes, landscape design, organic land care, etc to name a few. Our professionals are well trained and organized to cater to all your landscaping needs. They all have a long expertise in this field and a long list of happily satisfied customers

    Professional residential landscaping services In RICHARDSON

    Residential Landscaping

    Many a time your front lawn or garden needs an additional element to enhance its appearance and compliment the overall look of the garden or your front yard. You can even get a fountain installed in your residential garden. These come in various shapes and sizes so even if you have a small front yard and have always dreamt of a fountain or a small hut you can get it installed now. Water running through your fountain elevates the peaceful aura.

    Professional commercial landscaping services In RICHARDSON

    Commercial Landscaping

    Do you own an office space and have always dreamt of a beautifully designed landscape? Our hardscapes consist of rock gardens, walls, patios, or fountains. These are concrete constructions in your lawn that has a natural rock like texture and appearance. It does not stand out and compliments the theme of your green space. We place rocks that provide tranquility and a natural look to the place whereas patios help your garden stand out and provide a strong walking surface.

    Professional flower panting services In RICHARDSON

    Flower Planting

    Flowers form the foundation of the entire landscape. Can you imagine a complete garden or backyard without ornamental plants, beautiful flowers? A sound dull isn’t it? That’s why we make sure that we transplant medium grown plants to provide an instant look to your landscape. Along with medium to fully grown flowers we also plant saplings. We ensure that the grass is nicely trimmed and identify the areas where the flowers need to be transplanted.

    Professional waterway landscape-lighting services In RICHARDSON

    Landscape design and Lighting

    Lighting is an important element that provides a great look to your landscape. We install low voltage LED’s that can be used for long duration. Tree illuminating lights which light up the whole tree from the bottom up to the twigs and branches provide a great look especially at night. It makes the whole tree glow in the different colors of your choice and illuminates the surroundings. Our landscape designs are both practical and magnificent.

    Professional lawn maintenance service In RICHARDSON

    Lawn Maintenance

    We provide need-based or subscription-based Lawn maintenance services along with potted plants and decoration to your garden. This can be for a life event like parties or any other functions in your house. These pre-grown and potted ornamental plants provide a great look to your garden and transform the landscape. With our subscription you will sleep like a baby without worrying about watering, pruning and fertilizing your lawn. We are the best and most affordable lawn care providers in town.

    Professional landscaping service In RICHARDSON


    We provide custom landscaping programs based on the area whether it is a front yard, garden, or lawn. We get a soil health test done and based on that we provide you with the best organic manure and minerals add-on that restore the health of the soil. We carefully choose the plants which can naturally increase the nitrogen content of the soil. It’s important to choose the right plants for the proper growth and appearance of the landscape.


    What our clients say about us!

    I came to know of Richardson landscaping services from a friend. I needed my front lawn redone and hired them. My overall experience was outstanding. I rarely find someone’s work satisfying my expectations. They are very professional in their approach and listen to your expectations very carefully.

    Kayleigh Lee

    Richardson, Texas

    I wanted my backyard landscaped as I had a party coming up in a few weeks and wanted to make a good impression on my friends. To my surprise, they did an amazing job, exceeding my expectations. Almost everyone at my party was impressed with the landscaping. I would highly recommend their services.

    James Moore

    Richardson, Texas

    I have a very big garden in my house and it was always shabby and unappealing because of the overgrown shrubs and plants that were ignored. Recently I visited my friend who had this great garden and asked him, “Where did you get it landscaped? He recommended Richardson. Indeed they did an amazing job for me.

    Emilia Cook

    Richardson, Texas

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    Service Overview

    Experienced landscaping service providers in Richardson, Texas

    Are you looking for the best landscaping company in Richardson? You are at the right place. With our tailor-made services and highly professional staff we provide the best services in town and affordable prices. We have 10 years of experience in the industry and have immense knowledge of horticulture and other aspects of landscaping. We exhibit great work ethic and are extremely sensitive to customer requirements. Your expectations are taken care of by our experienced staff and all aspects are reflected in the landscape design. At the outset we start with a completely practical and attractive design that takes care of all the needs for the landscaping. We provide all kinds of services from taking care of your soil to the lighting, drainage and plantation of your garden or backyard. We offer temporary landscaping for your garden where pre-grown potted plants are brought and kept on your entrances or decks saving you a lot of expenses and effort in maintaining a garden. Isn’t that great? You can Contact Us for all your landscaping needs not to forget our specially designed patios that highlight the look of your green space. You can even get a fountain installed large or small we are always prepared.

    Landscaping Services Tailored to Your Needs

    We are a proud, locally-owned Richardson business dedicated to our clients.

    We are a locally owned business and deal in all landscaping services. Our services are highly affordable and cater to all your landscaping needs. We have an experience of 10 years in landscaping and horticulture. Our services are entirely customer-oriented and we ensure that all your needs are taken care of. We draw out an inclusive design plan according to your taste and then decide on what theme should we impart to your garden. You can choose from fountains, lighting, illuminated trees, and rocks to ornamental plants that provide a great look to your space.

    Great price

    We offer highly affordable services at fraction of costs. Visit us online for great discounts. Our great price is complemented by our best in class services and years of knowledge, providing you with the best landscape in town. For the best and affordable landscape, services visit us now.

    Work satisfaction

    We have a highly experienced and professional team who provide great services. We guarantee soaring work satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and great user experience are at the core of our values. Provide us with a template and leave the rest to us, our great designs and illuminations will leave you and your friends in admiration.

    Quality Work

    We provide quality work and use highly sophisticated and superior material. Our experience helps us recognize the quality of soil and other landscaping needs, making it easy for us to provide you with the best services. Moreover, our hardscapes, lighting, and fountains come with a guarantee and all issues are resolved within 24-hours.

    Great User Experience

    We offer a great user experience and understanding all the customer requirements. We provide our customers with forms that help us to understand and recognize their expectations properly. This helps us in delivering quality work and helps us to increase customer satisfaction ratings. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our work.

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