Billings Productions

Animatronics for exhibitions are an exciting part of many events, and Billings Productions is one of the world’s leading providers. With a warehouse that can house giant bugs, dinosaurs, and other custom creatures, Billings Productions is able to provide an amazing show for visitors. The retail lobby features several different creatures, as well as the owner’s own collection of fossils. The building has a glass curtain wall and painted panels that feature silhouettes of unique creatures. The facility also has an event center and a showroom for holding events.

The CEO of Billings Productions is unusually paranoid. His employees are carefully scrutinized based on their perceived loyalty, and every email and conversation is logged. Even employees’ actions are recorded with sensitive microphones. The company also uses CCTV to monitor every employee’s behavior, including what they do in the warehouse. While the company’s operations are strictly regulated, the owners’ paranoia is unmatched by most businesses.

Dinosaurs are the main attraction at Dinosaur Park, but these creatures aren’t the only prehistoric creatures that live in this warehouse. Animatronic dinosaurs are also an excellent way to promote educational programs and events. The company has been hosting animatronic exhibits since 2003. There are many different types of animatronic dinosaurs to choose from, so if you’re looking for something unique, you might want to consider Billings Productions.