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Residential Landscaping

Professional Residential Landscaping Contractors in Richardson, TX

Everything You Need to Know About our Residential Landscapers.

We provide best-in-class landscaping services endowing you with a delightful garden or backyard. With us, you can choose your custom landscape design with installations such as fountains, rocks and lighting. We use the best lighting that not only provide illumination at night but also give a great look to your home and front yard. We are the best residential landscaping service providers offering a variety of ornamental and flowering plants that provide a great look and fresh air. If fountains are something that makes you excited, and you want to include them in your design, we have it all covered. From you front yards to large gardens we help give your home the look that it deserves.

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    Residential Landscaping Process

    Our professional experts have more than a decade’s experience in landscaping and horticulture. We provide a questionnaire that has to be filled by our customers which helps us learn about the design and type of landscaping you want. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our values. Further, we look into the additional installations that you want in your space which includes planting flowers, ornamental plants, lights, fountains, and other hardscapes. These provide a sophisticated look to your garden and completely transform your landscape. Along with these if you are looking for soil health restoration and drainage repair or installation that too is taken care of by our experts. The landscaping process takes one week to a month depending upon the design you choose and the size of your residence.

    Best Residential Landscaping, Richardson TX

    What is Residential Landscaping ? Kindly Explain.

    Residential landscaping includes the transformation and beautification of your front yard, backyards, lawn, and garden at your home or estate. It provides a much-needed elegance and structure.

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    “I hired Richardson landscaping services in June last year as I wanted to redo my garden which is in the front of my house. I must say they are the professionals they claim to be. It has been a completely transformational experience. Now, when I look outside the window I find beautiful plants and flowers which are exactly how I had imagined them to be. It’s a dream come true for me. Since I was a child I was always fond of fountains. So when they installed one in my garden it was a fairy tale experience. I highly recommend their services for all.”

    Linda Collier

    Richardson, Texas

    Experienced Residential Landscaping Richardson TX

    More Information About our Residential Landscaping Company

    With our residential landscaping services, you get a complete transformation of your house. We provide soft landscaping services such as lawn mowing, weed removal, plant installation that imparts a complete new look to your lawns and gardens. Apart from the soft installation services we also provide hard installations such as lighting, huts, rocks, and fountains. Our vast experience in the field helps us ensure high customer satisfaction. We have a long list of happy customers who are our advertisers as well. If you wish to organize a wedding in your garden or a party we have all the solutions for you. Let us know your budget and the type of event that you have planned. We provide great lighting, transplant new flowers along with ornamental plants.

    Is residential landscaping important for me?

    Landscaping is to your home as makeup is to humans. It helps bring out the best look of your house and also imparts great aura to the residence.

    Our unique offerings

    Why Work With Our Company


    Our services are highly cost-effective and efficient. Our one-decade long experience and professional approach help us provide efficiency with affordability. We provide the best quotes in the market. You can choose from the most basic subtle landscaping designs to the extreme fancy ones, but rest assured whatever your choice lowest price guaranteed.

    Experienced Residential Landscaping Service

    Choose our residential landscaping services to provide your family with a great living experience. Once we complete you will experience an entirely vibrant experience in your home. The combination of plants along with the lighting and hardscapes such as patios and fountains transforms your home for a soothing life-style .


    We are the experts in our field. Our staff has an experience of more than 10 years in horticulture and landscaping. Through our long journey in this field, we have transformed numerous estates and homes which give us great design ideas to implement. Choose from our designs to get an ideal landscape for your home.

    Eco Friendly

    When you choose Richardson landscaping services you are provided with a completely Eco-friendly experience and transformation. All the products and manures we choose are environment friendly and do not harm the flora and fauna of your green spaces. Our soil health restoration to is completely eco-friendly and organic providing essential microbes and nutrients to your plants.

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