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Lawn Maintenance

Professional Lawn Maintenance Contractors in Richardson, TX

Everything You Need to Know About Lawn Maintenance.

At Richardson Landscaping we provide the best lawn maintenance services. We take care of all your maintenance needs that include seeding, mowing, and scarification. Our services cater to individuals with a busy lifestyle. Moreover, we use only organic manures and fertilizers that have the essential microbes and nutrients to replenish your soil. You will immediately feel a huge impact and your lawn will appear green and refreshed. You can always use the high nitrogen-based fertilizers available in the market but they are not healthy for the soil and especially for your little ones. Kids tend to play on the grass and you will definitely not want any chemical-based fertilizers to enter their body. We believe in using completely eco-friendly materials.


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    Lawn Maintenance Process

    We have a very simple 8 step process that we follow for your Lawn care. Raking- We rake your lawn to remove all dead grass and leaves to make it visibly uplifting. Over-seeding- There are often bare patches on your lawn or visible thin spots that draw people’s attention. We reduce their visibility by over-seeding them with beautiful flower plants. Aerating- Oxygen is essential for your soil. Aeration helps create holes in your soil to increase the access of air, water, and the essential nutrients to reach the roots. Dethatching- Dethatching helps removes the layer of dead plants accumulated over the soil so as to allow the essential nutrients, air, and water to reach the soil Weed Removal- Removing weeds an important part of maintenance.

    Highly Skilled Lawn Maintenance Service Richardson, Texas

    What is Weekly Lawn Maintenance and what does it include?

    Weekly Lawn maintenance involves taking care of all your lawn’s needs such as Watering, Mowing, seeding. It is a continuous process and often involves annual contracts.

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    I am John and I am reviewing their services after a year-long, annual lawn maintenance contract. I have a big lawn and one day I looked upon the internet for a good Lawn maintenance service. I found Richardson landscaping and decided to give them a call. At first, I was a little skeptical but after the first month, I realized the professionalism and perfection that they put into their work. In my annual contract everything is included from Lawn mowing to seeding, watering, and raking, and weed removal. They have even put some fertilizers that are organic and my lawn looks more beautiful than ever.”

    John Scott

    Richardson, Texas

    Best Lawn Maintenance Service Richardson, Texas,

    More Information About our Lawn Maintenance Company

    Richardson Landscaping has been in the weekly lawn maintenance business for the past fifteen years. Most of our employees have a decade’s experience and expertise in Maintenance and Horticulture. We have the best customer reviews in the entire area and have managed some really big and famous estates. Customer satisfaction comes at the core of our values. We have a customer-centric approach to our lawn maintenance services and offer a complete lawn care routine throughout the year. You can choose from or Monthly, Quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly packages. Our one-month package is a trial package and 100% of the customers move to the subsequent packages thereafter. With Richardson Lawn maintenance solution you get assured peace of mind and a Great Lawn.

    Is lawn Maintenance Important for me?

    If you have a busy job and want a great looking lawn to boast about, it’s highly important that you take good care of your lawn.

    Our unique offerings

    Why Work With Our Company

    Peace of Mind

    Once you subscribe to our lawn care schedule you get a great experience without any hustle. With our long experience and highly professional approach, you will get all lawn care services that include watering, fertilizers, seeding, raking, and mowing. You will never have to worry about your lawn again, throughout the year.

    Great Landscape

    Our lawn maintenance subscription ensures that you get a great looking landscape to enjoy with your family over a cup of tea. We install beautiful ornamental plants, flowers, and give your existing bushes and grass a great shape. Your only task is to enjoy the landscape with a hot cup of coffee.


    Our services are the best in market and highly affordable when compared to our competitors. We offer unbeatable prices and a high discount on our annual package subscription. We have a dedicated team that is assigned to your lawn and works all year long to protect, revamp, and replenish it from the ground up.


    We at Richardson use only the best quality tools and materials. We consider our customer’s time schedules and fulfill any requirement that you ask for. We even provide hard installation in your lawn along with its maintenance. We never compromise with quality and ensure that all your customer requirements are fulfilled.

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