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Landscape Design & lighting

Professional Landscape Design & lighting Contractors in Richardson, TX

Everything You Need to Know About Landscape Design & lighting.

Our landscaping designs are tailor-made to fulfill the requirements of our customers. We sit with our customers and understand the type of design they want for their Lawn or garden. For us the purpose of the building the landscape is most important. Is it for sitting and leisure time for you? or for your children to play and have fun?
This identification helps us to make suggestions and provide a superbly designed landscape. We offer a wide variety of soft and hard landscapes catering to the customer requirements of application and design. We advise hardscapes such as fountains, huts, rocks, and lighting along with a variety of ornamental plants and flowers to choose from. These suggestions are in accordance with your requirements.

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    Landscape Design & Lighting Process

    We have a rather simple process when it comes to designing your landscape. We have a customer requirement form that is filled by our prospective clients. This makes us aware of the overall theme of the design and any specific requirements. Then we schedule another meeting at the customer’s home so as to provide them with an actual outline of the hardscapes and plants that we intend to install. This gives them a real-time idea of space utilization and appearance. We illustrate pictures of the plants and hardscapes on our tablet that makes the whole process easy and fun. When finalizing the design we make an elaborate list of installations and maintenance tasks required to accomplish your ideal landscape dream.

    Professional Landscape Design and lighting Richardson TX

    What is a Landscaping Design? Explanation

    Landscape design is a theme or an outlook of the garden or lawn that you want to be reworked. It includes an elaborate plan for soft and hard landscaping.

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    “My experience with their landscape lighting experts has been great, to say the least. I must say they have great expertise and are great at designs. Their mastery reflects in their work. I hired them for landscaping my front yard and boy they have delivered amazing results. I wanted a lawn with a swing and nicely manicured plants for my kids. I could not give them a tree house so this was the least that I could do. We had a meeting and finalized the plants and other necessary installations. I am really satisfied with their work and would highly recommend their services..”

    Jennifer Palmer

    Richardson, Texas

    Highly Experienced Landscape Design and lighting Richardson TX

    More Information About our Landscape Design & Lighting Company

    Richardson landscaping is a high-quality landscape lighting service provider. Our long list of happy and satisfied customers help us hold our head high. We provide both hard and soft landscaping services. Hard scrapings or hard landscaping includes huts rocks, lighting, drainage, and other heavy installations whereas soft landscaping includes mowing, seeding, and other manicure services for your plants. Our decade long experience in designing and providing great landscapes helps us to get great customer satisfaction ratings. Once our landscaping is complete we assure that it will be a completely transformational experience for you and your family. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business philosophy. If you want a great landscaping design and leave your guest in awe over your garden contact us now.

    Is designing a landscape highly expensive?

    If you avail landscape design services from Richardson we offer the best prices in the market with the best quality of services.

    Our unique offerings

    Why Work With Our Company

    Attractive designs

    We at Richardson landscaping provide the quality designs with the best landscaping services. We have a unique approach to landscape designing with customer satisfaction as our core value. We sit with our customers and identify their landscaping needs and accordingly provide them with a great design that is practically useful.

    Quality work

    Our decade-long experience in landscaping and horticulture provides us an edge over our competitors. We use the best quality landscaping materials. We work year-round to ensure that your landscaped lawn stays as good as when it was lately done. Our professionals have extensive experience in landscaping which makes us the best.


    Our services are highly affordable with best in class services. If you are someone who is looking for a good bargain, then you are in the right place. You can opt for our annual lawn subscription which is highly discounted. All our landscaping materials come at wholesale costs and no retail prices are charged.

    Great Experience

    With Richardson Landscaping services and designs, you get a quality experience at great costs. Once we complete our landscaping, I assure that you are in for a treat. Our team of experts and designers make your dream come true with high quality and attractive designs and hard installations that are amazing.

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