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Commercial Landscaping

Professional Commercial Landscaping Contractors in Richardson, TX

Everything You Need to Know About Our Commercial Landscapers.

Do you own a nice commercial space with a garden or want to install a small roof top-garden in your office space. With Richardson Landscaping you will get the best commercial landscaping that you deserve. Is commercial landscaping necessary?

Landscaping is the best gift you can give to your office, employees, and yourself. With our commercial landscaping experience, you will witness a complete transformation. We install nice ornamental plants in pots or in your garden which provides a great look. It’s evident by many scientific pieces of research that looking at plants helps reduce stress on your eyes. Employees give their best performance when they are relaxed. We provide a great look to your office and also help you increase your work efficiency.

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    Commercial Landscaping Process

    Our experts have more than a decade’s experience in landscaping and horticulture. We have a very professional approach; we provide our customers with a user requirement form. It helps in providing the design and type of landscaping you want. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our values. In the user requirements form, we also look into the hardscapes and plants that you want in your space that includes flowers or ornamental plants, lights installation, fountains, and others. Our landscaping provides a sophisticated look to your garden and completely renovates your landscape. We also help you in soil health restoration and drainage repair or installation. The landscaping process takes one week to a month depending upon the design you choose and the size of your office space.

    Highly Experienced Commercial Landscaping Richardson, Texas

    Why do you think that hiring a Commercial landscaper is necessary for your business?

    Commercial landscaping helps you transform the appearance of your office space and brings rejoice and rejuvenates your office. It also helps relieve stress and increase employee efficiency.

    Our trusted Commercial Landscaping contractors can restore and enhance your home's appearance!

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    “I hired Richardson landscaping services for my office. I have a nice garden in front of my office that needed a makeover. My friend had availed their services and she had highly recommended them. They asked me to fill a form and list out my requirements. I felt high level of professionalism in their services. They delivered as they promised. My garden is now completely transformed with ornamental plants and beautiful flowers. I also got some rocks and lighting that has heightened the positive aura of the place. I would recommend Richardson to everyone who is looking to for great landscape for their commercial establishments.”

    Georgina Martin

    Richardson, Texas

    Professional Commercial Landscaping Service, Richardson TX

    More Information About our Commercial Landscaping Company

    With our commercial landscaping services, you get a complete revolution of your office space. We provide soft landscaping services such as lawn mowing, weed removal, plant installation which provide a completely new look to your garden. In case you don’t have a garden or an open space in your office we also install rooftop gardens and potted plants in your office. Along with the soft installation services we also provide hard installations such as lighting, huts, rocks, and fountains to your green spaces Our vast experience in the field helps us maintain high customer satisfaction. We have a long list of happy customers who are our promoters as well. With a beautiful office, you get high employee efficiency and no difficulty in recruiting the brightest talent.

    Is Commercial landscaping necessary for me?

    Commercial landscaping is ideal to provide your customers and employees with an incredible living and visual experience. It helps increase employee efficiency and reduces stress.

    Our unique offerings

    Why Work With Our Company

    Efficient Workforce

    Commercial landscaping helps increase employee productivity whether it’s your office or a shop plants and nicely placed flowers help reduce work stress and increase efficiency. Not only does it elevate the elegance and beauty of your office but breathing fresh air healthy for you increasing the production of the stress-relieving hormone cortisol.

    Reduce Stress

    Green spaces that are elegantly landscaped provide natural calm to the eyes. Plants and beautiful landscapes produce cortisol hormone that helps in reducing stress naturally. In today’s rat race when you take a break from work and look out of the window at a beautifully landscaped masterpiece, it naturally induces a peaceful state of mind.


    A nice commercial landscape speaks volumes about the nature of the workplace and its culture. An elegantly designed workplace helps you recruit the best in class talent. Most companies nowadays suffer from a scarcity of the right talent and most employees are vastly interested in working for an organization that provides a good work environment.


    Do you own a shop or office space? If your business is based on high client interaction, a perfect commercial landscape is a must for you. It allows you to make a good first impression on your client. You can choose from a variety of our designs to create a perfect custom landscape of your choice.

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